Tete E Tete

Tete E Tete




A home on a riverside espoused to the sound of streaming river water,
A home on the pedestal of a peak, worshipping the woods!’ tete-a-tete’ has a profound hum with mother nature.

Clients brief

Mr Alex & Sini, Couple with a kid approached us with a need for a 4-bedroom home in which every space should be connected to the exterior environment, they need to be in tune with the outer world and never wanted an introverted home. They wanted to enjoy and be involved with the varying personality of nature around the home. They insisted on a no-gimmick interior treatment with a very minimal approach. The challenge was to optimize the balance between the comforts of a roof over the head and to be in connection with the outer environment.

Concept note

The land for the home to be designed is located on the bank of a river which changes its nature in the rainy seasons, the water level rises to + 5 m and the plot is surrounded by lush natural vegetation. The design concept was to stay humble in the usage of materials, staying close to nature by opening up the inside to the outside- in one sentence the idea was to incorporate the touch of nature (welcoming breeze inside), the sound of nature (streaming water and the woods), view of nature (sunlight in interiors in varying moods according to the different hours of the day).